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// info of each user, store at user's address
struct UserInfo<phantom X> has key, store, copy {
amount: u64, // `amount` LP coin amount the user has provided.
reward_debt: u128, // Reward debt. See explanation below.
// We do some fancy math here. Basically, any point in time, the amount of ANIs
// entitled to a user but is pending to be distributed is:
// pending reward = (user.amount * pool.acc_ANI_per_share) - user.reward_debt
// Whenever a user deposits or withdraws LP coins to a pool. Here's what happens:
// 1. The pool's `acc_ANI_per_share` (and `last_reward_timestamp`) gets updated.
// 2. User receives the pending reward sent to his/her address.
// 3. User's `amount` gets updated.
// 4. User's `reward_debt` gets updated.

// info of each pool, store at resource account address
struct PoolInfo<phantom X> has key, store {
coin_reserve: Coin<X>,
acc_ANI_per_share: u128, // times ACC_ANI_PRECISION
last_reward_timestamp: u64,
alloc_point: u64,

struct MasterChefData has drop, key {
signer_cap: SignerCapability,
total_alloc_point: u64,
admin_address: address,
dao_address: address, // dao fee to address
dao_percent: u64, // dao fee percent
last_timestamp_dao_withdraw: u64, // Last timestamp then develeper withdraw dao fee
start_timestamp: u64, // mc mint ANI start from this ts
per_second_ANI: u128, // default ANI per second, 1 ANI/second = 86400 ANI/day