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TL;DR: AnimeSwap saves your gas and supports most features.

Gas Units Cost Comparison

Lower is better. 1k costs 0.001 APT gas fee at the lowest gas unit price.

OperationAnimeSwapLiquidswap[1]AuxPancakeSwapLiquidswap Stable[2]
Add LP[3]2.7k or 3.2k3.4k2.4k or 3.2k3.5k-
Remove LP2.6k1.7k1.4k2.4k-
  • [1] Uncorrelated curve. Common case.
  • [2] Stable curve.
  • [3] Some Dex has different gas cost for adding LP under different situations.


  • Swap is the most common use-case, over 95% of all transactions. AnimeSwap and Aux are the most gas-saving dexes in this situation. 3.1x better than Liquidswap. 6.4x better than PancakeSwap.
  • Liquidswap Stable is Heavily gas-consuming, each tx takes at least 0.1 APT gas fee in the lowest gas unit price.
  • Add/Remove LP cost almost the same gas among these dexes.

Gas Conclusion

AnimeSwap and Aux are the most gas-saving dexes.

Features Comparison

Open source✔️ link✔️ link✔️ link✔️ link✔️ link
Custom Pairs✔️✔️✔️
Flash Swap✔️✔️✔️
Stable Curve✔️[4]
  • [4] Support, but gas-consuming. Already explained in the above section.


  • Open source: All the dexes are open-sourced. You can check the source code with link above.
  • SwapExactCoinToCoin: This is the basic feature.
  • SwapCoinToExactCoin: SwapCoinToExactCoin means whether uses can get exact output amount. For example, loan liquidators want to get exact amount coin with minimal input coin. Most dexes support this feature, while Aptoswap not. SwapCoinToExactCoin
  • Gas-saving: We have already explained in the above section. AnimeSwap, Aux and Aptoswap are the most gas-saving dexes.
  • Custom Pairs: Custom pairs means whether users can create new coin pairs. AnimeSwap, Liquidswap and PancakeSwap have this feature. You can add custom pair herecreate pair
  • Flash Swap: Flash swap allows you to borrow any available amount of assets without putting up any collateral, as long as the liquidity is returned to the protocol within one block transaction. This is the example for AnimeSwap Flash Swap
  • Stable Curve: Unfortunately, we do not support this feature. Only Liquidswap support it, but has gas problem.
  • Oracle: Orcale means support price oracle for other dapp. AnimeSwap and Liquidswap support this feature. This is the resources reference for AnimeSwap Oracle
  • Route: With route, you can swap any coin to any coin in one tx, among multiple pairs. Only AnimeSwap support a build-in router. router

Feature Conclusion

AnimeSwap and Liquidswap support most features.


AnimeSwap saves your gas and supports most features.