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Q1: What is the vision of AnimeSwap?

Be optimistic and fanciful, and build decentralized infrastructure for the world.

Like watching anime.

Q2: Why called AnimeSwap?

AnimeSwap Labs members like anime, comic and games. We want to spread and share fanciful cultures with Crypto World.

Swap is concise and is the basis symbol of decentralized protocol.

Combining the two, we have AnimeSwap.

Q3: Is there a native token/coin of AnimeSwap?

AnimeSwap has a native coin named $ANI.

$ANI will be used for governance, staking, and other purposes. It is used to participate in the benefits of AnimeSwap.

We believe DeFi is the future, and DeFi is a ecosystem about coins. We will have our own coin in the future.

Q4: How to get $ANI?

Check Distribution and Emission

You can also buy $ANI through AnimeSwap

Q5: What is the tokenomic of $ANI ?


Q6: How to participate in AnimeSwap?

AnimeSwap is live on Aptos Mainnet, you can participate in AnimeSwap by Swap, Create Pool, Add Liquidity and feedback at Discord or Twitter.

Glad to see you help build the AnimeSwap community.

Q7: If AnimeSwap deployed on other Move contract chain such as #Sui, will there be new tokens?

Nope, $ANI on Aptos and $ANI on other chains share the SAME tokenomics and supply. $ANI is the Only One token of AnimeSwap.

Update 20230503: AnimeSwap already deployed on Sui Mainnet, $ANI will be bridge between Aptos and Sui in the future.

Q8: How to find AnimeSwap update log?