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What Is ANI


ANI is AnimeSwap native token. It represents the owner's rights, interests and benefits in the AnimeSwap protocol.

Currently, AnimeSwap is deployed on Aptos and Sui, ANI is only circulates on Aptos mainnet currently. If AnimeSwap and ANI deployed on other chains in the future, this documents will be updated.

$ANI Aptos Mainnet address: 0x16fe2df00ea7dde4a63409201f7f4e536bde7bb7335526a35d05111e68aa322c::AnimeCoin::ANI

Distribution and Emission

DistributionInitial ANIEmission (ANI)Description
Liquidity Providers Airdrop9,216,500-218,079 ANI not claim has been burned
Early Backers Airdrop783,500-218,079 ANI not claim has been burned
AnimeSwap Labs0unlock 500,000 per 90 days [*1]4 years for total unlock [*2]
Emission0~0.317 per second10,000,000 ANI per year
Burn0reduce emission[*3]

[*1] AnimeSwap Labs locked token can't join staking or farming

[*2] Totally 8,000,000 with 16 rounds (4 years) of unlock, some third party data ANI initial 18,000,000 count the lock ANI

[*3] There are #Usages and applications to burn ANI to reduce emission


$ANI Aptos Mainnet address: 0x16fe2df00ea7dde4a63409201f7f4e536bde7bb7335526a35d05111e68aa322c::AnimeCoin::ANI



The main distribution 90% of emission is #staking-and-farm

The rest distribution 10% of emission is #dao-treasury

DeFi is fast evolving, and AnimeSwap will keep evolving. If there are better direction for ecosystem growth, AnimeSwap will adjust emission distribution and rate via vote-and-governance.

Airdrop of Liquidity Providers

Airdrop of liquidity providers is a snapshot of the contribution by the AnimeSwap community members on Aptos mainnet.

The snapshot calculation is based on the liquidity provider and their total value locked (TVL) on Aptos mainnet.

The snapshot time range

  • Start: Aptos Mainnet version 2484089, 2022-10-19 03:28:16 UTC, as soon as AnimeSwap protocol launch on Aptos Mainnet
  • End: Aptos Mainnet version 14400000, 2022-10-27 06:02:10 UTC

Each address contribution is calculated by the following formula:

AddressContribution=t=248408914400000AddressTVLΔ(t)Address Contribution = \sum_{t=2484089}^{14400000}AddressTVL\cdot\Delta(t)
TotalContribution=t=248408914400000ProtocolTVLΔ(t)Total Contribution = \sum_{t=2484089}^{14400000}ProtocolTVL\cdot\Delta(t)
TotalANI=9,216,500TotalANI = 9,216,500
AddressANI=AddressContributionTotalContributionTotalANIAddress ANI = \frac{Address Contribution}{Total Contribution}\cdot TotalANI

The validated pair of snapshot is Top 12 TVL pairs at snapshot end time:


For non APT pair, 10 USD equals to 1 APT weight.

There are more than 5000 addresses in upper formula result, most of them are too small contributions (bots or less than $0.1 TVL). The snapshot takes 3.5 APT*day as threshold for minimum contribution.

Finally, the snapshot get 1001 individual addresses for ANI liquidity providers airdrop.

Airdrop of Community Early Backers

AnimeSwap community early backers (Discord OG roles) totally receive 783,500 ANI airdrop, early backers are from many different events before Aptos mainnet, such as Twitter spread, Discord server boost, and anime picture shares.

All the early backers have to bind wallet address with Discord authorization on DApp before airdrop.

  • 500 ANI per OG role
  • 1000 ANI per OG2 role


Staking and Farm

ANI could be used into staking and farm to earn more ANI and other tokens.

Staking and farm are also the main part of emission ANI.

More about staking and farm (MasterChef module) see other documents (write in progress).

Vote and Governance

ANI could be used to vote and governance.

AnimeSwap community members could vote and governance on AnimeSwap protocol and ecosystem with ANI token.

Anyone with more than 0.1% of ANI supply can issue a new proposal, such as:

  • Change pair swap fee for better growth
  • How to distribute emission ANI for farm
  • How to allocate DAO treasury
  • Developing new features
  • Deploy on other chains
  • ...

AnimeSwap Labs responsible for implementation proposals

Proposals and voting system is in progress.

DAO Treasury

AnimeSwap contract address has a DAO Treasury.

There are many ways of DAO Treasury income: part of swap fee, ecosystem cooperation, and AnimeSwap will develop more ways.

The ways of allocating DAO treasury are voted by community members.

The purpose of the DAO Treasury is to help projects grow better, if there are no better allocating usages, the DAO Treasury will buyback ANI and burn.

Whitelist Eligibility

AnimeSwap Labs will public some free NFT with Anime style or Anime IP cooperation. The whitelist eligibility of mint is based on ANI token, including ANI in staking and farm.

Buy Anime Goods

AnimeSwap Labs love Anime culture, ANI will be used as currency to buy reality Anime culture goods in the future.

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